We are far more than just investors.  We are mentors, recruiters, strategists and just like you, we are also entrepreneurs. We apply authentic, roll-up-your sleeve strategies for genuine impact. We apply these skills through two very innovative investment fund strategies.

In the PieLAB REIVC16 fund we invest in late-stage startups who share our vision for propelling the real estate industry into the future. Our portfolio of the real estate services industry’s most promising innovators draws from our experience, capital and unsurpassed industry network to build a bigger pie that bites!

The PieLAB Council Capital Fund combines the experience and skill set of our management team with the secret sauce of the CEO Council which is a highly innovative approach to investing in the huge potential locked up in the Australian SME asset class.


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The PieLAB Real Estate Industry VC Fund Approach

Exponential Growth


PieLAB is founded by some of the industry’s leading experts, and our REIVC16 fund is overseen by an acclaimed advisory committee of Australian Residential Real Estate Industry leaders elected by investors. PieLAB Venture Partners have closed a $21 million Real Estate Industry Venture Capital Fund which will be used to propel the growth of a portfolio of businesses in the Real Estate Industry.

Guidance And Support


Whether it be recruitment, sales, marketing, finance, or a second opinion on a tough decision, we’re here to help. Our combined experience in founding and exiting nearly 10 businesses, including some of the largest of their type in Australia, means we know what you’re going through when times get tough.

The Sweat Approach


We understand that innovation doesn’t exactly come with an instruction manual. At PieLAB, we stand beside you in the face of ambiguity, sharing our tried-and-proven strategies to build successful businesses that last the distance. Experience and track-record are resources that can be difficult to access, fund or even locate through external consultants or in-house staff.

Free Resources and Events


We are committed to educating both Founders and Investors. We believe that sharing knowledge is critical to industry advancement. As part of our greater mission, we are affiliated with events such as The StartUp Lounge hosted by our Managing Partner Chris Rolls. The StartUp Lounge is designed to educate aspiring and established founders by uncovering the real stories behind successful entrepreneurs.

About Our Space: The Precinct

Here at PieLAB, we strongly believe in the power of a positive eco-system. Where better to build a base than Brisbane’s iconic hub, The Precinct. Home to some of Queensland’s finest minds, The Precinct has become a centre of gravity for all things growth, entrepreneurship and collaboration.

Startup Lounge

PieLAB’s Managing Partner and serial entrepreneur Chris Rolls hosts the Startup Lounge, in conjunction with the Office of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur. The Startup Lounge is a live show where Chris hosts some of Australia’s leading Entrepreneurs and Investors. Talking all things taboo and opening up closed doors in the startup scene, Startup Lounge is not for the faint of heart, but neither is entrepreneurship.

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