Build a bigger pie.

With PieLAB Venture Partners

PieLab Venture Partners is a venture capital business established in 2016 to invest in late-stage startup businesses. We find great businesses to invest in to help them grow to reach their full potential. We take a hands-on, transparent and upfront approach as we become an extension of your company. Build a much bigger pie with our team of experienced founders and entrepreneurs by your side. If you have a business that is in some way related to the Real Estate Industry, get in touch, so you can benefit from our capital, our experience and our unsurpassed network in the Australian Real Estate Industry.

YOUR business

+ our resources

= exponential growth

We work alongside our founders. We are not a takeover firm, nor are we an incubator. We’ve got skillsets such as marketing, strategy, finance, HR and management that we can bring to the table to help grow your pie. Collaboratively we’ve applied formulas that work to build strong foundations, great teams and high growth businesses that convert to become high value businesses. Our team have built and exited some of the biggest businesses of their type in Australia. Let us support you to realise YOUR vision.