Bradley Brown

Professional Summary:

  • In 1989 I was appointed as the first non-Lawyer in Australia to run a major law firm as their CEO.  Six years later, my firm had achieved every milestone I had set for it.
  • In 1992 I became a duel Australian/American Citizen in the first ceremony in Australia when it became legal to be a duel OZ/US citizen, I called myself a “Yassie”, and may well be the first Yassie in existence.  
  • In 2002 I joined Fletchers as their CEO, becoming one of the first non-real estate agents to run a leading firm in Australia.  In 2013, we won The REIA (our peak body), Best Large Residential Agency in Australia.
  • In 2016 my first book, A Good Man, A Great Dad And A loving Husband – Every Man’s Guide For a Brilliant Life, was published.


Bradley is a Director and the CEO of Melbourne based leading agency Fletchers. Fletchers multi office network has won numerous awards in sales, property management and customer service including the REIA Large Residential Agency of the Year. Including his 14 plus years at Fletchers, he has over 35 years experience in the service industry and held senior management positions in accounting, human resources, marketing, quality and strategic planning and held the position of CEO for over 20, including six years in one of Melbourne’s top law firms.

Fun Fact: How I Came To Australia…

In 1980 while still living in Los Angeles where I was born, I took a Contiki trip around Europe.  I sat for the first couple of hours with a couple of guys from Melbourne (the first Aussie’s I had ever met).  Then our trip’s Courier “Scraps”, an Aussie from Sydney with a larger than life handlebar moustache came over to me and asked me to come up with him to the front of the bus.  He then asked me to use the microphone to introduce myself to the other 45 passengers on our 8 ½ week trip. I asked him why he chose me, he said “because Yanks aren’t shy and I you are the only Yank on the trip”.  So I said sure, and grabbed the mike and said, “G’day, I’m Brad Brown from Melbin Straya”, I got a big laugh, then I told them where I was really from. Four years and three months later, I was living in Melbourne Australia and have been here now for 34 years, loving my life down under.