How we work

We work alongside our founders. We are not a takeover firm, nor are we an incubator. We’ve got skillsets such as marketing, strategy, finance, HR and management that we can bring to the table to help grow your pie.

Collaboratively we’ve applied formulas that work to build strong foundations, great teams and high growth businesses that convert to become high value businesses. Let us support you to realise YOUR vision. We’re an addition. Our goal is to make your business smart and healthy.

Our ideal partner?

Committed founders with a product or service that is related in some way to the real estate industry, which utilises some sort of interesting technology. We like to partner at that sweet spot – just after businesses have proven themselves to be ‘onto something good’ but at that point where they’ve hit a roadblock. This is where we see the greatest opportunity for exponential potential.

Our ideal investee business is:

  • A later stage start-up that has already proven itself in the marketplace
  • Ambitious
  • Has an insatiable thirst for learning
  • Is a leader and a team-player
  • Transparent, ethical and honest
  • Passionate about their business
  • A disruptor/has unique offering
  • Fun and someone with whom we ‘gel’
  • Hardworking
  • Committed to being ‘the best’.


Why PieLAB?

The flipside to the advantage of the independence that comes with having your own business, is the isolation that comes in a time of need.

We believe there’s a gap when it comes to venture capital firms in Australia, meaning that the needs of SMEs are often unmet, leaving owners forced to learn by making mistakes or reinventing the wheel.

What if you could maintain your independence, but have expertise and resources that can usually only be accessed by the big guys?

Realistically SMEs don’t always have the funds for expensive marketing, finance, management, sales, HR, strategy advice, which leaves SMEs thinly spread, when their core focus should be on realising the vision of the company.

Enter PieLAB. We’re your team of tried and proven growth experts.