Ashley Farrugia

ActivePipe is an early stage automated EDM (Electronic Direct Mail) SaaS marketing platform specifically targeted at the residential real estate industry.

In a very non-intrusive manner, ActivePipe enables an agent to nurture new and existing database contacts from lead through to appraisal and listing. It measures intent, qualifies potential sellers/ buyers and fundamentally changes the level of engagement and nature of conversation between agents and their database.


Jindou Lee & Andrew MacKenzie-Ross

HappyCo provide property inspection software applications native to mobile and tablet.  Founded in 2011 in Australia, they are an early stage technology company now based in the US. Happy Inspector is used by their customers in over 30 countries, who collectively manage over 1 million rental units.

Jordan Kagan Gescheit
& Jason Radolnik

Detector Inspector is a dedicated safety and compliance company. They specialise in the installation and maintenance of residential and commercial safety solutions. Detector Inspector offers a wide range of services, including smoke alarm maintenance, essential services, gas safety and electrical services.


Lloyd Ernst

Cloudstaff is a Philippines based (Australian incorporated) provider of business process outsourcing services for small to medium businesses (SME’s). While they offer services to a range of industries, they have a strong focus in the Australian real estate sector where they are the leading provider of outsourcing services.