Fund Overview

The PieLAB Council Capital Fund provides the opportunity to invest in a portfolio of profitable, growing, recurring revenue, small to medium sized businesses (SME’s) run by a team of experts who have an excellent track record investing in this space.

SME’s account for 57% of Australia’s GDP, however, it is an asset class that is difficult for investors to invest in without taking an active hands on approach which is both time consuming and stressful. Further, investing in just one SME as opposed to a diversified portfolio exposes the investor to heightened risk.

The fund is seeking businesses that have a high level of recurring, reoccurring, or contracted revenue, with a history of profitability and strong free cash flow with revenue of at least $3m per annum.  The business must be in an enduring, sustainable industry that is difficult to disrupt with technology, preferably non-discretionary in nature, service based, and selling to businesses.

We typically take large stakes in profitable businesses with investments of between $2.5 million and $10 million.