Richard Anderson

Investment Director + Finance Guru

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Richard’s Core Value Adds:

  • Budgets and reporting
  • Supporting tactical initiatives
  • Developing financial and tax strategies
  • Management and integration of efficient and transparent financial operations
  • Creating performance measures to support the company’s direction
  • Mitigating key elements of risk
  • Ensure company complies with reporting requirements
  • Monitoring cash flow, profit and loss and forecasting.


A chartered accountant, Richard has a broad range of commercial experience and a proven track record in establishing and developing businesses.

Before establishing the financial consulting and investment firm Evolve Capital, Richard worked in the accounting and finance industries in both Australia and the UK, which included roles at KPMG and Quandrex Securities.

His firm Evolve Capital has invested in and provided financial advisory services to a number of SMEs across a range of industries, including companies such as Jesters Jaffle Pie Co, Caporn Young Estate Agents, The Healthy Food Co and Portion Hospitality Marketplace.

As well as being responsible for establishing Jesters Jaffle Pie Co, Richard also grew it to become a franchise system consisting of 80 stores nationally before selling it to ASX-listed Australian Agricultural Company.

Richard was a director and shareholder of Caporn Young Estate Agents and was instrumental in developing Caporn Young to become one of the most successful and prominent real estate businesses in WA.

Evolve Capital continues to provide financial consulting to a number of real estate and non-real estate businesses.

Richard is a qualified Chartered Accountant, holds a Bachelor of Commerce from University of Western Australia and a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance from The Securities Institute of Australia.

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